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Why Join?

What’s in it for me? Why should my school be a Coalition Member?

“Networking, Networking, networking! With people from other schools, who have the same issues and interests that we have.” -- Dorothy Finkel-Laverty, Campus President, Anthem Institute
“Provides a unified collaboration that strengthens our efforts regarding compliance and government legislation that directly impacts our operations." -- Denise Fucito, Director, Ridley-Lowell Business & Technical Institute
“Keeps your school abreast of ongoing news, procedures and regulations concerning state and federal guidelines.” -- Deloris Mitchell, Director, Coalition Teacher Training Programs
“The Coalition is a training ground for new or “young” owners and directors … you learn from those who have gone before you.” -- Dr. Sylvester Lewis, School Owner, Northshore Career Training Institute
“Through the Coalition contacts and resources, my school has connected with a school software management company, a national accreditation readiness service, a medical assistant certification testing company, and has become aware of the trade and business school industry. Coalition membership says that your school has arrived." -- Art Lauter, Owner/Director, The New Millenium Training Center
“The Coalition’s services have saved member schools thousands of dollars they otherwise might have spent on attorneys or accountants. Most of all, as a member of the Coalition, you are never alone.” -- Fred Hirsch, Principal, Hirsch Consultants, formerly, Teacher Training Director

Other Benefits

Immediate Telephone/e-mail help access for school issues
Confidential counseling for school concerns
Teacher Training Discounts
Annual Convention
Quarterly General Meetings
E-mail blasts with updates of current issues
Political Outreach/Advocacy