Join/Renew Your Membership


Joining the Coalition or renewing your membership is easy. We provide two payment options:

  1. pay full amount, or
  2. pay in two 1/2 installments

If you choose to pay in two 1/2 installments, please be aware the 1st installment is due upon joining or by August 1 if renewing, and the 2nd installment is due by February 1, 2024. This option also includes an additional $25 installment fee.

On the registration form, please choose the appropriate option from the dues select list corresponding to your dues base and number of branches.

The Dues Base Is Computed On Your Gross Annual Tuition (GAT).

The Dues Computation is: Dues Rate Based on GAT + # of Branches (@ $250 each) + $25 if you choose the installment option.

Once you register you’ll be able to download an invoice.

Join/Renew Online

Join/Renew (Full Payment Option)

Join/Renew (Two Installment Option)


If you’d prefer to pay by check, please download and print the 2023-2024 paper dues form  and follow the instructions there to mail your check.  If you are a new member paying by check, please also download and return a completed school information form with your check.